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How to Wake Up Without Stress

If you are like many people, the way you start your day sets you up for the rest of the day. This can mean the first things you choose to do in the morning actually impact how stressed you will feel throughout the day. To avoid waking up with stress, here are some thing to change when it comes to your morning routine.

Don't Look at Your Phone

I know, I know…it sounds like blasphemy, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is to avoid looking at your phone and notifications when you first wake up in the morning. This is bound to lead directly to more stress and anxiety. Try to remember to turn off your notifications in the evening, so that the next morning, you see nothing pop up on your phone aside from your alarm.

Meditate for a Few Minutes

Before getting out of bed, just sit in the silence for a few minutes and meditate. You don’t want to fall back asleep, so sit up in bed and maybe remove your covers. Then just close your eyes and let your thoughts come in slowly, getting into a mindful state before your day begins.

Do Morning Yoga or Stretches

When you do get out of bed, try some simple stretches or even a short morning yoga session. This can take just 5 minutes in the morning, and helps you get your body ready for the day. You also get the added emotional benefits of yoga with the deep breathing and relaxation.

Write in Your Journal

An excellent activity for the morning is to write in a journal. Morning journaling is often different from journaling in the evening. With the morning, you page to write about 2-3 pages of just whatever is on your mind. This is a stream of consciousness form of journaling, where it isn’t about a specific topic, but instead you just want to get all those morning stresses and worries out of your head so you can clear your mind and focus on your day.

Listen to Calming Music

When you need a little more relaxation to avoid stress in the morning, try listening to some calming music. For you, this might mean somethings low and melodic to feel relaxed as you start your day. Others prefer something more upbeat to get energized and ready to tackle their to-do list. There is no right or wrong answer here, as long as it helps reduce your stress.

Of course, if you find that stress is still problematic for you, we are here to offer you two great options to relieve stress, acupuncture and massage therapy. Click here to learn more about how acupuncture can help reduce stress levels. Wondering how bad stress can be for your body? Learn more here.

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