Frozen Shoulder and Massage Therapy

frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder: Something you never knew existed (until it happened to you). So- your shoulder is frozen, huh? This condition of Frozen Shoulder (AKA Adhesive Capsulitis) occurs when there is a presence or development of excess scar tissue and inflammation within the shoulder capsule. This can cause intense pain and incredibly inhibited movement. Onset is […]

Tibetan Foot Soaks: Should you try them?


So! You’re one of the select few that have heard about this wondrous addition to your healthcare routine. We’re here to speak a bit about why we love them, and who should consider incorporating them into their healthcare journey. Let’s dive in! First things first.. Although relaxing and versatile, Tibetan foot soaks are first and […]

Cupping Therapy, should you try it?


Cupping- What a hot topic. This quick read addresses the history, common effects on the human body, and who should try it. Enjoy! The History Lesson Cupping therapy is insanely old. So, so old- like found in silken-printed-books-inside-tombs-of-the-Han-dynasty, old. The exact point of origin is heavily debated because it dates so far back into Ancient […]