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a holistic approach to hormone health

From 13-60, women of all ages are dealing with hormone related conditions that are preventing them from living their best lives. Acupuncture is here to provide you with a natural solution to balancing out hormones regardless of what your personal struggle is. Our goal is to encourage your body to produce the correct amount of hormones it needs to have regular, pain-free menstrual cycles, enhance fertility, or to reduce the symptoms of menopause. No matter where you are on this journey with hormone health, we can get you closer to feeling like the vibrant, fantastic woman we know you already are.

Conditions We Commonly See

Premenstural Syndrome

pregnant woman

pregnancy complaints

morning sickness
menopausal woman


"Finally, I can sleep through the night without hot flashes!"

"It was an real incredible experience for me. My night sweats and hot flashes were driving me insane. After about 5 sessions of acupuncture, I could finally sleep through the night. I'm so glad I came to see Sarah and found a way to balance my hormones without synthetic replacements."
Ann Marie K.

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