Sports acupucnture


Sports Acupuncture is a specialized branch of acupuncture that addresses the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. It also enhances the performance and recovery of athletes at all levels. The approach of this style of acupuncture is to engage the body’s greatest healing potential by combining Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This style of acupuncture is widely used by professional athletes as well as recreational fitness enthusiasts. Sports Acupuncture is not only a highly effective approach to treating injuries, it also helps with the prevention of future injuries. This is accomplished by increasing blood flow to muscles and tendons, reducing inflammation, releasing trigger points and relieving pain.

Conditions Treated

electrical stimuluation acupuncture


In order to effectively treat this type of complaint, your session will likely include multiple modalities. This may include the addition of electro-stimulation (e-stim), trigger point release, dry needling, cupping and gua sha to your acupuncture treatment.


Sarah Elliott has received specialized training in the field of Sports Acupuncture from the industry’s top educators. She has also personally developed a treatment protocol that she performs on professional athletes including many members of the NFL.

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"Acupuncture was the first thing that finally healed my chronic Achilles issues from years of running marathons. Sarah keeps my body going!"
Jennifer B.
"I see Sarah Elliott for acupuncture and cupping every week during football season. Her treatments get my mind and body ready for game day."
Xavier Rhodes
"Nothing gets my body feeling better than acupuncture and cupping. I consider sessions with Sarah a part of my triathlon training protocol."
Tim C.