General FAQ

What do I need to wear?

Whatever you are wearing for the day will be just fine. For massage, you will be comfortably under sheets and blankets for the entire session. Some acupuncture treatments require the removal of clothing but you will be under sheets, similar to when getting a massage. For other acupuncture treatments, we may have you lift up your pant legs and roll up your sleeves. Some people prefer to wear comfy clothes to be more relaxed but even a suit and tie is not a problem.

Are there any restrictions after the treatment?

No. We usually ask that you don’t perform the activities that have caused you the pain we are trying to relieve.  In other words, if you hurt your shoulder at the gym doing overhead presses, skip the shoulder exercises for a couple of days.  The majority of people leave our office feeling relaxed and ready to continue on with their daily activities.

Is it covered by insurance?

While some insurance companies are beginning to offer coverage for acupuncture, our clinic is not in network with them. The majority of insurance companies are still not covering acupuncture or are covering it with limitations to what you can be treated for.

We do accept HSA or FSA dollars for acupuncture. You will need to check with your provider to find out if you can use those dollars for massage.

We can always provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance provider for a possible reimbursement rate but payment is always due at the time of service.

If I buy a package, will it expire and can my family use it?

Your package of prepaid sessions will never expire. Your close family members may share in the use of the massage or acupuncture package, however a package purchased for massage may not be used for acupuncture and vice versa.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. All major credit cards are accepted.