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End of Season Wear and Tear

Now that golf clubs are put away and winter boots have replaced tennis shoes, it’s time to check in on how our bodies are holding

Natural Ways to Manage Stress

Dealing with stress and anxiety is a natural and normal part of life. Sometimes it’s “good” stress – like having a baby or starting a

Neuromuscula Massage Therapy

Immune-boosting effects of Massage

Many view Massage as a treat that they get maybe once or twice per year. While treats are nice, Massage Therapy has been researched and

Frozen Shoulder and Massage Therapy

Frozen Shoulder: Something you never knew existed (until it happened to you). So- your shoulder is frozen, huh? This condition of Frozen Shoulder (AKA Adhesive

cosmetic acupuncture

5 Reasons To Finally Try Acupuncture

I totally get it. The thought of acupuncture gives many of you the shivers. Who would voluntarily get poked with needles and how can it

Cupping Therapy, should you try it?

Cupping- What a hot topic. This quick read addresses the history, common effects on the human body, and who should try it. Enjoy! The History