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Fall Is The Season For Slowing Down

Fall feels very much like a fresh start, but it is also a great time to slow down and get some rest. Use this season change as an opportunity to consider your priorities, set intentions, and work on improving your productivity while also enjoying your life.

Set New Intentions

As the season begins, start setting some new intentions. You can use the previous months as inspiration for what changes you want to make and how you want your mindset to change. Write down what goals and ideas you had earlier in the year, and cross off everything you completed. You then might have some tasks you are no longer interested in.

Remember intentions is not just about your to-do list, but changes you intend to make in your life and how you want to shift your mindset. For slowing down, this might include scheduling in self-care or rest, or committing to a better work-life balance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It is great to be productive throughout this season, but don’t just keep running your energy tank until it’s on empty. Develop some habits that help you work smarter, not harder. Working smarter means focusing on productivity and time management in a way where you get your work done, but in a more efficient way. For some people, this includes time blocking or focusing on just one task at a time, for others it is about doing the most difficult tasks in the beginning of the day.

Commit to More Self-Care and Downtime

As you begin slowing down in the fall, make time for more self-care and rest. Some adjustments will need to be made to your daily schedule as you of course still have responsibilities. But chances are, there is time for rest, you just hadn’t really considered it yet. Do you typically work a little past clockout time, or are you dedicating too much time to busy work that isn’t really a priority? This is where you know you can schedule in some more self-care time. Our personal favorite self-care activities are regular acupuncture and massage but it can be whatever brings you the most peace and calm.

Get Outside Every Day

Try to find more opportunities to get outside, and enjoy the fresh air. Nature is wonderfully healing and can be really therapeutic in the fall. This is when the temperature tends to be the mildest of the year, where you are past the summer heat wave, but winter frost hasn’t started yet. Enjoy the forest or woods near your house, take your kids to the park, or go to the beach or lake.

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