Five Resolutions For 2021

The moment we’ve been longing for has finally come – 2020 has ended.  Now we start 2021 with a fresh perspective of how important our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are.  This year’s resolutions should be focused on ways we can improve our wellness without the typical deprivation that resolutions tend to encourage. Here are […]

End of Season Wear and Tear


Now that golf clubs are put away and winter boots have replaced tennis shoes, it’s time to check in on how our bodies are holding up after the summer season of high activity. Long sunny days in Minnesota are revered as the most precious time of year to soak in all the golfing, hiking, canoeing, […]

Our Top 3 Fitness Faves (At Home Edition)

Why, hello there! You’re wondering about where to start with at-home fitness, huh? Well have we got some spectacular ideas for you. This list is comprised of our most loved products, plans, and people to help you saddle up for the journey of home fitness. 1. Peloton Don’t run away!! I know what you’re thinking,”Peloton […]

Natural Ways to Manage Stress

Dealing with stress and anxiety is a natural and normal part of life. Sometimes it’s “good” stress – like having a baby or starting a new job and sometimes it’s “bad” stress – like dealing with the uncertainty of a global pandemic. What determines the effect that good or bad stress has on the body […]

How To Come Out of Quarantine Healthier Than When We Went In

Gotta say, I never thought I’d be writing a post about self-care during a quarantine—but here we are, smack dab in the middle of a “shelter in place” order for the first time in our lives. With all this extra time inside our houses and heads, we may find ourselves leaning more toward less than […]