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7 Daily Tasks To Increase Productivity

Another year has begun and we all know that resolutions are typically lofty goals that only last a few weeks. We tend to focus on goals that are too specific. Instead of quitting smoking, losing weight, drinking less, etc. focus on ways to increase productivity with positive daily behaviors that will eventually lead to accomplishing bigger goals without even feeling like you’re trying. Here a few that are easy to incorporate into your life.

Make Lists

People who are productive always have lists they are working from. From regular to-do lists to those more for long-term goals, these are crucial. If you are someone who just “wings it”, then it’s time to get serious and be more detailed about your plans and actions.

Create a Morning Routine

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a morning routine that takes 1.5 hours to complete. It should be short and simple, with just a few tasks that help you get your day started right. Think of about 2-3 things you can do in the morning right after you wake up that will benefit you and help get you set up for the day. This could be 15 minutes of meditation before getting out of bed or waking up early to do a 30 minute workout.

Plan The Night Before

Most people who are highly productive know how important planning is. If you are waiting until the morning to figure out what you plan to do that day, it is probably taking away from your focus and your time. I recommend starting with the time you have to be “ready for work” and plan in reverse. How much time do you want in the morning for yourself or for your workout or a second cup of coffee? If you need three hours for all of your morning routines then set your alarm for that time so that you aren’t making excuses or rushing through your morning.


Take Advantage of The Golden Hours

Your golden hours are the time of day when you are the most energetic and have the most focus. For you, this might be late at night when everyone is asleep, in the middle of the day, or first thing in the morning. Pay attention to when you tend to get the most done, and that is probably your peak work time.

Prioritize Tasks

Productive people don’t get a lot done by doing everything and working harder and faster than everyone else. But they know what tasks are priorities, and choose to focus more time on those. Start your day with the most important task that needs to get done first, then go down the list in order of highest priority to least priority.

Don't Try To Be Perfect

Expecting perfection in your day is usually a recipe for disaster. It is great to be more productive and get more done, but no day will ever be 100 percent perfect. If this is your goal, you will only be disappointed, which can take you further away from your goals.

Don't Stare at Your Phone All Day

Nothing more needs to be said here :)

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