Benefits And Uses Of Ginger

Among the various herbs and spices, ginger is one of the most popular and commonly used. Why is that? Because not only does it improve the flavor of so many dishes, it is loaded with healing properties and so many nutritional benefits. Here are some of the top health benefits of using ginger:

Treat Symptoms of the Cold

The first benefit you get from ginger is a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. This is thanks to the positive effect it has on your insulin levels, and that it can actually help to boost your metabolism. Both of these affect weight management, which is going to have a big effect on your risk for diabetes. Plus, balancing insulin levels is really important when it comes to managing diabetes if you already have it.


Treat Symptoms of the Cold

One of the more popular reasons people use ginger is to help with their nausea, upset stomach, cramps, and digestive issues. Think about when you were a kid and had a tummy ache, and ginger ale or ginger tea was what your parents would give you. Ginger has been used for nausea, vomiting, and digestive issues. Many women find that ginger is great for their morning sickness while pregnant, and even some cancer patients use it to help with nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Treat Symptoms of the Cold

It has also been shown to be very effective with muscle soreness and pain, such as late onset muscle soreness. This is when you don’t experience muscle soreness right after your intense workouts, but a day or two afterwards. It can come on suddenly and be moderate or severe, even getting in the way of everyday activities like walking or going up and down stairs. Ginger has shown to be an excellent way to reduce this muscle soreness naturally.

Treat Symptoms of the Cold

In cold and flu season, adding more ginger to your diet or tea can help you treat some of the symptoms of these illnesses. Researchers are still performing studies on ginger with people who have respiratory illnesses, but the evidence is great so far.

Ginger is so easy to add to your food, that it is easy to try out and see if you get the added benefits. There is low risk since it is just a spice anyway. Go ahead and try using ginger to see what you think!


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