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5 Reasons To Finally Try Acupuncture

I totally get it. The thought of acupuncture gives many of you the shivers. Who would voluntarily get poked with needles and how can it possibly make me feel better? I know it seems crazy but in reality, it’s a fabulously relaxing experience that makes most people say “I wish I’d tried this sooner.”

If acupuncture is something you’ve been considering — or your mother, friend, neighbor, doctor has recommended you try it, read on to see why it’s time you finally go for it and see what this three thousand-year-old medicine system has in store for you.

1. You Might Just Love It

When we first start working together, our goal is to get you out of pain, sleeping better, stressed less, running faster or whatever else is bringing you in the door. What we frequently find, is that most people get so many extra benefits from the acupuncture that it becomes a part of their life that they don’t want to live without. The type of relaxation that comes with the treatments affects a part of the nervous system that releases endorphins and reduces cortisol levels to restore your mind and body back to the zen state it deserves to be in.

2. Acupuncture Can Treat Multiple Problems at the Same Time

It’s far too often that we find ourselves going to one doctor for problem X, one for problem Y, and yet another for problem Z. Each of these visits likely results in an additional drug prescription with it’s own list of side effects. What acupuncture and Chinese Medicine focuses on is finding the common denominator, aka, the “root cause.”  Your acupuncturist will ask you about many areas of your life to determine how you can get the best results from your acupuncture treatments. We often see patients coming in for an ache or pain and while getting treatments notice that they are also sleeping better or feeling less stressed. These benefits aren’t random, they are directly related to the healing capacity of acupuncture.

3. It Doesn’t Hurt

This is the hardest to convince people of but I promise you, acupuncture needles are virtually pain-free. Let’s just cover the basics first: a standard acupuncture needs is 1/40th the size of a needle you’re used to seeing at a doctor’s office! They are literally the size of cat whiskers.  Acupuncture does elicit a unique sensation that may be unfamiliar to you but it mostly described as a dull, heavy ache or a slight tingling sensation. It is very rarely is it considered painful and some people don’t feel anything at all. What’s most important is your comfort — our goal is to get you optimal results with little to no discomfort.

4. It’s Stood the Test of Time

Honestly, this one counts for a lot. Acupuncture has it’s roots traced back literally thousands of years, most texts confirm it was being practiced 3,000 years ago! I feel pretty confident that if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t have stuck around this long (pun intended).

Fun fact: doctors in China used to be paid only when you were healthy and didn’t get paid when you were sick. Take a second to process that. Yup, healthcare costs used to go toward keeping you healthy. If you were sick, then the doctors weren’t doing their job and therefore wouldn’t get paid. What a concept?!!

5. You’ve Likely Already Tried Everything Else

If you’re like most people I see at my clinic, acupuncture is the last thing on the list to try. Many patients have already done medications, physical therapy, chiropractic, and sometimes even surgery and yet their complaint still stands. Now, don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying acupuncture is better than any of the above options but what I am saying is that those other options aren’t always the end of the line. Many people come to me out of desperation — they feel they’ve exhausted all other recommendations and are still left with a plaguing problem. We may not always be the final answer, but more often than not “I wish I’d done this sooner” is what we’re hearing on the way out the door.



If you’ve been Googling “acupuncture,” the benefits of acupuncture,” “does acupuncture work, ” then it’s time you just pull the trigger to find out for yourself. Why push off another week, month or year accepting that the aches and pains or *insert complaints here* are your new way of life?

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